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Photography lecture services

A range of practical lectures demonstrating a variety of techniques, specifically aimed at photographic clubs.
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I am pleased to offer my current selection of club
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Photography lectures:

1 “RAW Processing”, the essential path forward to image quality and control.

This is a practical demonstration of methods to maximize image quality when using digital cameras. It covers the theory and practice of RAW file processing as well as discussing the use and handling other file formats. Techniques using both Photoshop CS3/4 and Elements are demonstrated.

2. “Colour Management”, taking control of your digital work-flow.

This is a practical demonstration and lecture covering the whole scope of colour management for digital photographers. It covers everything to do with colour control from camera or scanner to screen and printer. It includes practical demonstrations of monitor and printer profiling methods.

3. “Practical Monochrome in the digital darkroom”

This is a practical demonstration of techniques to achieve the highest quality monochrome output from the digital darkroom. It covers the whole subject from capture to printing.

4. “ Perfect Pixels”

This is a practical demonstration of techniques to ensure the maximum quality of your images is maintained throughout the editing process, covers use of smart objects, layers, sharpening methods, tonal adjustments and resizing etc.

5. “Photoshop for Photographers”

This is a comprehensive demonstration of essential Photoshop practices appropriate to photographers. The use of both Photoshop CS3/4 and Photoshop Elements is covered. It is intended as an accessible tutorial on those methods and techniques which cover the majority of photographers Photoshop needs. Suitable for both new and advanced Photoshop users.

6. "Layers, Layers and more layers"

A complete tutorial on the use of layers. It covers all three main layer types, Layer masks and control. It is intended to introduce layers into the work-flow of photographers not yet familiar with their use and to extend the knowledge of more experienced layer users.

7. "Selections and Masking"

A comprehensive practical insight into all the methods of selection and masking which have the most interest to photographers. Both full Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are demonstrated

8. "Smart Objects and filters"

Unlocking the mystery of these most useful of layer objects. Any photographer will benefit from understanding and using the astounding flexibilitry in editing that these Photoshop functions provide. Applicable to both full version Photoshop and also Elements.